Optical Store


Location Filippiada Preveza
Year 2016
Type Optical Store

The project is about an almost double-the-average-ceiling height space, located within the town’s centre, on the junction of two main streets. Right from the start, the main design objective was to create an atmosphere of classic elegance and minimal aesthetics, cleverly combined with a sense of warmth, comfort and luxury. The basic idea was to treat the shop’s product as a showpiece and consequently design a space which will give it prominence. The careful selection and use of the materials, the design forms and the colour palette all contribute to the accomplishment of the desired result.

Making optimal use of the available space, the design team managed to include all of the shop’s functional requirements in a rather small surface area. The organization of the floor plan was based on a clear design placing functionality as a top priority. The main exhibition and sales area is close to the shop’s entrance, while the cashier, a small workbench and a loft including a metal staircase, which leads to the auxiliary spaces, are at the back.

Special emphasis was placed on achieving a balance between the different textures and materials. The warmth of wood and the matt and grey Italian terrazzo tiles on the floor are wisely combined with shiny surfaces of metal elements in dark and bronze colours and those of white marble.

its all about architecture