Year 2019


Rezi Hotel & Studios is located in a beautiful coastal area in Parga. The project is about the creation of 6 new rooms in the attic of the existing hotel. The main goal was the harmonization among the architectural design, functionality and aesthetic. Serving the principles of modern design combined with the customers’ satisfaction, a minimal place was created in a boho-chic frame with emphasis on details.

The natural materials together with the earthy and warm grey and beige shades, reflect harmonically the blue of the sea and the sky creating the setting for this amazing internal place.

The white tones selected for the walls and the ceilings make the place seem more spacious and brighter. The clear, sharp roof lines are softened by the choice of “calm” materials and colours as well as elements inspired by the Greek summer, the sun and the tradition.

The wooden, light-coloured construction at the bed back and the sofa defines the place, creating at the same time a unique setting as it flows like a wave embracing the whole room. The combined grey and beige textures on fabrics, wood and flooring transmits an intense touch to the white colour palette while the geometric motifs and the bohemian decorative elements with reference to traditional typology spread an island feel.

The selection of furniture and fabrics is based on the sense of familiarity and the high demands of a contemporary hotel. The dynamic hidden lighting in the wooden constructions and the walls, creates the necessary intensity of a nice atmosphere, highlighting the designing lines. The concept of an open wardrobe offers functionality and high aesthetics, following the transparency and relaxation of the Greek summer.


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