Cafe Bar


Location Preveza
Year 2018
Type Cafe Bar

Prevere cafe bar, located in the coastal front of Preveza, a total area of  555 square meters, is a part of a neoclassical two-storey building and one of the most popular places in the city. The main aim of the redesign was to incorporate contemporary elements along with an immediate sense of warmth.

The architectural synthesis is based on a new formulation of the building with small, but significant modifications. The central idea is the creation of two distinct cores, yet following the architectural continuous flow of design, connecting the internal with the external part of the place, and the constant rotation of the foyers, leading to a new usage of the store zones. We consider the existing concept of the cyclical bar to be the first core, which covers parts of both the indoor and outdoor area, making use of wheat straw materials and selecting a classic wood bar top, while installing longway wooden materials that highlight the curvature of the bar. Moving on to the second core, it is constructed a new bar area, following the same pattern with the bar inside, raising upwards, changing the floor height, creating a new raised area. Once again, straw materials are selected for the back of the bar, the major connecting element for the two bar areas, making them the epitome of the scene, along with the wooden parts. The straw-looking wallpaper is extended to the whole wall and, in conjunction with the vertical type of surface, creates the background of the store logo design. The inside of the new bar, which is also raised and separated from the rest of the store, serves as a coffee preparation station, while the open-kitchen design, visible to the whole lounge area, gives clients the opportunity to watch every meal preparation, providing a great sense of flow, allowing them to be part of the action.

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