NOUSIAS – The Mokka cafe



Client NOUSIAS – The Mokka cafe
Year 2023

An old haunt of the city is transformed into a modern mass catering store of a famous pastry shop chain, creating a special all day café bar patisserie space. The core of the design was the optimum utilization of the space in order to accommodate and also combine the new functions, while at the same time signaling the distinct identity of the business.

It is a fairly spacious store of 430 square meters and this is why we chose to separate the spaces into distinct zones and to transfer the auxiliary spaces (preparation room, kitchen, sanitary areas, auxiliary areas etc.) from the central point where they were placed, to the back of the store. The entrance to the store remains in the center where a large central open bar is built and on the right part the customer enters the company’s pastry shop, while on the left there is the seating area that also covers the outside space.

The architectural study utilized and highlighted the structural elements of the space in a harmonious combination of old and new features. After the removal of all the interior walls of the shop in order to ‘open up’ the space, the symmetrical grid of the structural columns was utilized as a key element of the composition. Metal arches were created between the columns, while straighter metal elements composed the central bar. A unique structure with glass and metal was placed above the bar which is used both for lighting and for the operation of the bar. Most of the structures are a combination of wood and metal in shades of black and copper, while the alternation of materials exudes an elegant aesthetic in harmony with the warm atmosphere.

In order to preserve the existing wooden floor of the store, even after the removals, black marble-look tiles were installed, creating and emphasizing the new functional zones, with which the base of the pillars was also covered.

Particular emphasis was placed on the wall coverings, by either using tapestries or embossed patterns. Light panels were placed on the left part of the ceiling in the seating area, giving the feeling of diffusion of light inside the space, while the element of the olive tree in the central booth contributes to the transformation of a closed indoor space into a more open-air seating area.

The overall composition is highlighted by the choice of lighting, with an alternation of black and copper elements in hanging lights, spotlights, rails and wall lighting, carefully selected for the needs of each corner, as well as by the selection of furniture and decorations. The plant designs in various spots inside the space, the soft and warm colors in tones of beige, the embossed patterns and the overall choice of textures and materials created a harmonious space of simple luxury that combines modern and classic elements, reflecting the corporate identity of a quality confectionery.

The “game” of geometry that highlights the whole composition is completed by the metal structure of distinctive shapes on the exterior of the store, which is illuminated from behind, creating a unique image during the night.

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