Cafe - bar


Location Brussels, Belgium
Year 2018
Type Cafe - bar

Centrally located in Brussels, a small place of just 45m2, KOSMOS CAFÉ BAR, was the challenge for a unique and inspirational project. The designing options were determined both by the name of the place as well as the owners’ vision for the creation of an all day, welcoming and cosmopolitan at the same time place, acting as a melting pot where people from diverse places and cultures will be met. A unique atmosphere is created based on a contemporary mix of rough (robust-industrial) elements of N.Europe environment combined with “warmer” materials and textures.

The main designing issue was the integration of both the functionality and better place organization to increase the capacity with the high aesthetic demands of a modern entertainment place. For this reason, the bar and the sitting area were redesigned to make the best use of the limited space rendering it more ergonomic both for the employees and the clients. The elongated plan led to the design of two distinct places deploying to the maximum the element of perspective.

The bar is coated with white background tiles and the same material extends to part of the floor defining the bar which is the heart of the place. The floor coating functions as a construction trick covering the part that was transformed. The existing wooden floor which is rubbed and treated in order to give a sense of old, yet well conserved floor, is maintained to the rest of the place.

The drink cabinet behind the bar is constructed with bronze colour metal, with linear and circular elements which are repeated on the other two basic walls supporting the plants used to “soften” the whole concept. The vintage mirror at the drink cabinet together with all the wooden and metal elements are highlighted through the linear and hidden lighting with the aim to emphasize the functionality of each place.

The wall opposite the bar, is red brick coated while a black board surface is constructed at its base creating two zones that continue to the back place of the sitting area. The embossed wallpaper with decorative motifs which is selected for the second place together with the green colour give the necessary intensity creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. The unique round mirrors and the polygon lights highlight the colours and the texture materials and complete the new place aesthetic. The bathroom is coated with black tiles and a vivid wallpaper with natural motifs adding an intense touch to a small place.

The material palette is completed with the forged cement technique on the walls in grey colour and the mixing of wood and metal in the lights and furniture details. The neon sign placed on the wall, adds a happy touch in the combination game reflecting in reality the place’s motto.

its all about architecture