Location ARTA
Year 2015

An old, stone building, which is located in the center of Arta, a town in northwestern Greece, was the ideal place for the creation of a unique boulangerie- patisserie. The space, with an almost double-the-average-ceiling height, has great visibility towards the street and is filled with abundant sunlight.

From the very beginning, the main design objective was the creation of an atmosphere that embodies characteristics of the bakeries in the French countryside, in combination with contemporary design features.

The showcase of the products becomes an important element in the space, covered with an elaborate coating that resembles old trunks. The material textures are combined with the design forms and the light, to reveal a creative game in the space. The grid of wooden beams on the ceiling discourses with the divider structure of the kitchen, which through its transparency enables the baking process to be visible from the main area. Meanwhile, the surfaces in off-white hues result in the creation of a luxurious, minimalist space and serve as the appropriate background for the various, decorative items from different places and time periods. In addition, the wood on the floor is combined with tiles with geometrical patterns, while the black, metallic shelving and the pressed cement give a sense of industrial style. The furnishings in classic design are complementary to the decoration of the space.

its all about architecture