Location Ioannina, Greece
Year 2019

A place of high aesthetics was created in a central point in the town of Ioannina, to accommodate a new store of a well known pastry chain. The main designing aim was to create a modern place that will embrace all five senses and travel the customer to a tasteful experience through a sweet-inspired and sophisticated space.

The layout was designed in the best possible way to feature the products and serve the customers. The design proposal is based on boosting the main interior side of the shop that is formed with consecutive arches, giving a new dynamic. To reinforce the central frontal perspective which at the same time highlights the products placed along, there are two side accesses at the serving area. This central zone is emphasized further with the two steel constructions placed on the entrance sides and leading the customer to the shop.

The project was designed meticulously in all its aspects, combining harmoniously the material textures with the design and the lighting in order to reveal a creative game in the place. The balanced variety in colours and textures includes a mix of mosaic, marble, wood and metal radiating a sophisticated and retro sense. The intense dark color chosen for the arches, is used both in the facet and the pillars and is perfectly combined with the colourful mosaic and the light pink on the walls giving the necessary intensity to the bright coloured materials in the background while the wood on the shelves and the flooring add a warm touch. The architectural combination is completed by a wooden construction with a wicker in the middle of the ceiling as well as the side geometrical constructions helping in the unique lighting scenery to boost the total design. The gold metallic details introduce a sense of luxury contributing to the creation of a cool, modern and stylish place.

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